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~if you see this man~

Arrest him immiedietdly he is an absolute fiend. be warned he is highly dangerous he cant tie his shoes but when he is scared he will scream very loudly and its been known to make local police cry. He is often seen patrolling the local forests and petsmarts with his hands to his chest, mildly hunched over looking like a velociraptor. He can be found in some candle stores but he only likes the scent of ocean-themed candles and fragrences. If you see him HE WILL RUN, be warned, this will happen. He runs very fast at first but he gets tired and he has to lay down to nap so thats the prime catching hour. When you capture him make sure to provide the following A.) glass of water as he gets very thristy very fast B.) a plush catperillar C.) a soft fabric potentially a shirt if available. These objects calms him from his blood-lust and will ensure the least amount of human and animal casualties as a resulting of his capture. Im sure that a few of you will die, and im sorry...im so sorry.




who is it?


It is a boy named patrick!! you can also call me cupid if you're cool and hip. that's me!, im 20 years old and my birthday is july 12, I am an artist and general maker of things. My main interests are incredibly varied and not connected at all for some reason. I have a very big interest in insects, plants, valentines, comics and a thousand other things. Im a proud self advocate for harm reduction and for the destigmitization of mentall illness especially for cluster B disorders since i myself have a cluster B disorder among other mental health shenanigans. Im also a freak of nature but im having fun so thats okay.Get ready for me to overshare and have absolutely no shame in myself!!!! wink wink wink, wink, wink wink. Im ABSOLUTELY feral